American Angus Association Youtube Playlist

17. July, 2011Category: angus association, show cattle

Ran across this video playlist put out by the American Angus Association.  Check out the video playlist below or check it out at YouTube. Topics covered are a broad range of show cattle interests including feeding, hoof trimming, and heat stress issues. Gives a lot of good information and in an easy to use format.Read more

Show Cattle Feed Program

07. July, 2011Category: Feeding Programs, show cattle feed

One of the thing that individuals raising show cattle always question themselves on is, "Is there a better feed program out there?  Should I be doing something different or better?" Well posted on was a great article outlining a terriffic feeding program used by Asklund Acres (AAOK).  The feeding program they use seems soilid, nothing real fancy, but will produce a great rate of gain and a great looking calf.

Check out the Asklund Acres (AAOK) Feeding Program

Sullivan Supply Stock Show University

05. July, 2011Category: club calves, show cattle, Sullivan Supply

Stock Show University

Sullivan Supply Company has started a great initiative giving back to the cattle show community by provideing what they call Stock Show University.  According to the Sullivan Supply website here is a brief little description about the program.

Stock Show University is a FREE educational clinic open to all stock show youth and adults, compliments of Sullivan Supply. We will be hosting clinics at shows and homes across the country, including Beef Expos, major shows, Junior Nationals as well as local area shows; all FREE of charge!

Clinics range from convenient hour-long clinics to comprehensive, in-depth 2-day clinics (called the Grad Program)! The best and most talented ‘professors’ in the business will focus on all areas needed to achieve the Championship look - animal selection, showmanship, feeding, daily hair and animal care and show day grooming/clipping.Read more

What Started It All - Great AI Bulls

01. July, 2011Category: artificial insemination, show cattle, sires


Great AI Bulls- Sugar RayCattle producers can take many avenues to raise quality animals. But, nowadays, the most desirable genetic traits often come from the use of artificial insemination (AI); therefore, it is interesting to know from what stock these modern day genetics are derived. With so many popular promotion bulls on the market, it’s easy to forget the animals that started it all.  Read more

Some Ideas on Selecting Show Cattle for a Pen of 3 or 5

31. March, 2011Category: club calves, pen of three, show cattle

“Uniformity” is the password for matched cattle pens! The saying “like peas in a pod” comes into play when selecting the individual animals for the group entry. Uniform genetic backgrounds of the pen members could aid in keeping performance, conformation and eye appeal equal within the group. An additional benefit to uniform genetic backgrounds might be a similar and, therefore, positive disposition within the show cattle group.Read more is a website to bring exposure to showing cattle and the great expereinces and lessons it can foster and connect those who want to buy and sell club calves.  Show Steers For Sale website is primarily a  directory for the show cattle and performance breeding industries.  Show Steers For Sale was founded to create an affordable, easy to use, way for producers to promote their cattle operations, show cattle sales, and success in the show ring.

Believing a directory website should provide more than just a line listing and a link for a customer for a few hundred dollars, combines solid, state of the art technology to help our customers promote their operations, enjoy advanced web features and ultimately get a better return on their advertisement dollar at a low cost.  Also find a calendar of cattle shows, show cattle sales, and a directory of show cattle breeder operations.