What Started It All - Great AI Bulls

01. July, 2011Category: artificial insemination, show cattle, sires


Great AI Bulls- Sugar RayCattle producers can take many avenues to raise quality animals. But, nowadays, the most desirable genetic traits often come from the use of artificial insemination (AI); therefore, it is interesting to know from what stock these modern day genetics are derived. With so many popular promotion bulls on the market, it’s easy to forget the animals that started it all.  

Let’s turn back the clock and look at some bulls that may have been forgotten.  Mainly, six bulls, or bloodlines, are responsible for shaping the club calf industry:  Sugar Ray, Power Plant, Total Play, Cunia, Meyer734 and Full Throttle; the genetics of these super stars are still prominent in many show cattle today.  

  • Sugar Ray, the original show calf sire, has produced many AI bulls and show champions. His genetic characteristics have set the standard for style and power. Often, promoters will say, with truth, that Sugar Ray could sire an outstanding calf from a mediocre cow.
  • Power Plant, a main stay for Maine Anjou breeders, crossed over into club calf production where he produced many promotion bulls, high sellers & countless champions.  Not to mention he is a maternal legend when it comes to females.
  • Total Play, a product of Black Champ breeding, built a reputation for siring good feeding, powerful, and stylish progeny that excelled in the show ring and in the pasture. He too has sired many champions, promotion bulls and quality breeding stock.
  • Cunia, a full blood Maine Anjou bull, is responsible for a great deal of highly sought after cattle, especially cows.  Certainly a maternal legend that could produce good feeding, stylish & well-muscled cattle for the show ring. Showing how important his genetics are, he has been used in line breeding again and again to maximize his genetic influence.
  • Full Throttle, billed mainly as a terminal sire, is another influential sire.  Although, little is said of the females he produces, he cannot be overlooked because of his amazing bone and muscle. In only a few years, he made an impact on the club calf industry and is a true pioneer in bone, muscle, structure and style.
  • Finally, Meyer734, extremely popular for donor quality females, is a favorite with purebred Simmental breeders, and also club calf breeders. His daughters are fantastic mothers that have excellent phenotypes and milk very well.  Producers treasure heifers, bulls and cows sired by 734 like gold:  champions, high sellers and donors out of him are highly sought after.  Without a doubt, he is a legend in the cattle business.

But, the proof is in the progeny; and, while the high sellers, champions and genetic power are too vast to list, some of the great progeny these bulls have sired proves the point:  

  • Sugar Ray – Full Throttle, Windsor, Sweet Willie, Husker, Dakota Ray, Festus and Sting Ray.
  • Power Plant – Witch Doctor, Platinum, Take Charge, Akeem, Neon, Jolt and Keenebec.
  • Total Play – Debull, Playboy, Schwartzkoff, JFK, and Play Ray.
  • Cunia – Chill Factor, Cold Front and Fax
  • Full Throttle – Full Flush, Hostage, Secret Service, Full Thrust and Full Tank.
  • Meyer734 – Whiplash, Backlash, Picasso, Aftershock, Carousel, 8 Meyer, Pitch Black, Giuliani.

Enough said?